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A person, not necessarily a hipster, who participates in certain activities because they are popular at the moment.
Guy 1: Did you see Vampire Weekend at the Fillmore last night?

Guy 2: No, but I drove by and saw all the hypesters in their skinny jeans.
by Slim415 December 13, 2008
A perfect mix between a hipster and a hypebeast.
A hypester is like a hipster minus the pretentiousness and a hypebeast minus the douchebaggery.

Theophilus London is the perfect example of a hypester because he has this kind underground swag only found in a hypester.
by MacDrea May 11, 2011
Hypester is like a hipster, except they also make hype. Any hipster who is seemingly well known, been on TV etc is a hypester. Hypesters often pop up on youtube videos which go viral.
Example of hypester in a chat:
Bob: Damn did you see that viral hypester video on youtube?
Jimmy: Oh that interview?

Bob: Yeah.
Jimmy: That was the best and funniest hypester interview ever!
by ansertank August 22, 2014
something that is hip and/or beloved of hipsters, and also has a lot of hype or buzz, usually undeserving
That band is so hypester.
by jenny lizak April 05, 2006
a combination of "hipster" and "shyster"
Holy crap! Aviva is the craziest hypester I have ever seen in my entire life! Erin might be a hypester too, but there's no evidence on Facebook to suggest she is.
by ABC123EasyAs March 08, 2011
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