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A highly intelligent sentient being with a name derived from the agglomeration of all the names of the Gods. Theophilus possesses great physical beauty, and is said to be the inspiration of Adonis.

Unparalleled strength, integrity and acuity, Theophilus is understandably the desire of all women on Earth, and some wayward men.

Crossing Theophilus in any way is unheard of and unsought of. Not only is Theophilus able to atomize anything with his incredibly breath-taking piercing, clear brown eyes, he has Chuck Norris at his personal beck and call.

Riches and power appeal not to this great being, but rather he exists, simply because he does.
Person 1 "I need, the perfect guy"
Person 2 "We all need a Theophilus"
by Camane September 02, 2010
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