as of march 14, 2010, the current hypebeasts are people who wear...

1. stussy
2. supreme
3. undefeated
4. who recently started to wear raw denim (by recent i mean within the past 3 years) typically levi's
5. nudies
6. creative recreation
7. alife
8. upper playground
9. the hundreds
10. HUF
11. kidrobot
12. VANS

in such a manner as to stand out very noticeably.

Hypebeasts are also people who shop at...

1. karmaloop
2. supreme
3. huf
4. kidrobot
6. the hundreds
7. dunkxchange
Damn... here come the hypebeasts with their supreme hats/shirts and levi's and vans.
by yea........ March 14, 2010
A stuck-up, self-centered young person who only wears hyped up streetwear brands including Stussy, Crooks & Castles, Orisue ect. Hypebeasts are often sneakerheads with a generic sense of style that often entails wearing neon colored sb dunks paired with new era fitted hats and god awful all over print hoodies and jeans so tight that they cut off the wearer's circulation to the brain. Hypebeast fashion sense is loosely based on the classic urban fashion sense of the 90s & 80s. But these hipster streetwear kids always O.D. on retro style. How are you gonna be born in 1991, and dress like you are a teenager in 1984? Most hypebeasts get their carbon-copied style from magazines like Complex and online forums dedicated to such streetwear.

Hypebeasts usually live in and around the urban centers of Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City and D.C. However, many cities across the country including Baltimore, Philly and the rougher boroughs of NYC (i.e. Brooklyn) maintain their distinct local urban style which differs greatly from the semi-homosexual hypebeast style. Since many hypebeasts hail from soft, posh suburban environments, they would probably get stomped the fuck out by twenty different pairs of Timberland boots and Air force 1's if they dare tread in the ghettos of such cities.

Although hypebeasts come from all different racial backgrounds, more often then not, most hypebeasts are Filipino or some other type of Asian because most of the hypebeast fashion brands were founded by Asians from California (i.e. Crooks & Castles, The Hundreds and LRG). This is a very recent social phenomenon because back in the 90s, urban fashion was usually strictly worn by blacks, latinos and certain whites who actually lived in urban areas.
Those hypebeast kids sitting at that table over there think their the shit. But their style is so homo. All of those short pussy mawfuckers would get beat the fuck up if they took a trip to say ... North Philly, Jamaica, Queens, West Baltimore or anywhere that was a real ghetto.
by thagoldenchild07 April 15, 2008
Anyone following a Trend to be part of the cool group. Mainly people who buy Jordan's and Nike's to say they have them. Also people who will floss excessively in Shoe Groups like WDYWT (What Did You Wear Today)
1: Gal David
2: Sean Sy
3: Noah Attia
4: Benjamin Kapelushnik
5: Fake "ANTI"
by A$TON December 04, 2012
usually a male who buys and wears the new shit that's "in style" at the moment as soon as he can or who buys the new jordans even if their not tight, some one who follows all the hype to the fullest.
hype beast=when wiz khalifa came out every body started wearing chuck taylors even thought the last time they were popular was ten years ago,snap backs, flannels,skinny jeans,long socks, shirts with ugly ass patterns
by tellingshithowitis January 25, 2012
A person who will wear expensive name brand clothing to try and earn the respect of his/her peers
Guy 1: Jeez would you look at Nick F over there, hes wearing at least 1000 dollars between his bape hoodie, supreme cap, and nike SB's
Guy 2: Werd Nick is such a Hypebeast
by supremewearer December 30, 2011
Someone that:

1. wears trendy things to look cool or
2. over hypes everything such as clothing, parties, concerts, and other shit like that when in reality it sucks ass
"Yo this guy said the party was going to be filled with bad bitches, its just another sausage fest. This guy is such a hypebeast."
by Jacobe Jones December 26, 2013
a filipino that rocks supreme,huf,nike sb, and says he is not a hypebeast
jerel is a hypebeast because he got a superbad hat.
by chris_ss October 03, 2007

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