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short for "Bathing Ape".

clothing company founded by Nigo. made popular by such celebrities as Pharell Williams (Neptunes, N.E.R.D.).

(bapes): the air force one looking shoes by the bathing ape company. also called: bape sta.
yo dogg, where'd you get those Bapes at?

Hazard in Burlingame, homie!
by Jeremy The Linguist November 12, 2004
n. Abreviation for "Bathing Ape"

"Bathing Ape" (aka BAPE) is a Japanese clothing company founded by designer Nigo in Tokyo, Japan in 1993. Nigo incorporated simian/gorilla images with hip-hop fashions to create clothes and accessories, as well as other items such as action-figurines. Bape was popularized in North America by icons such as Pharrell Williams (N.E.R.D) and continues to grow.
Damn, where can i get some bape
by D Jai August 14, 2005
Pronounced (Bape-eez)
a condensed version of the name "Bathing Apes", a japanese name brand of clothing sold worldwide. Very popular in California.

"Bapes" if they're shoes, and "Bape" if its a jacket
I got me some Bapes at the mall yesterday.
That nigga's Bape jacket is fake.
by Jayrod84 August 25, 2006
A type of shoe, usually comes in a wide variety of colors, different brands are called ice creams. Alot of them look like something a clown or 5-year old would wear.
1) Damn, that nigga's got some new Bapes! The Ice Creams!
by MidasTouch June 11, 2007
Short for Bathing Apes - clothes that are only worn by rappers and people who make more money than professional rich people. Worn almost exclusively by rich black people who want to flash their swag, and rich rappers who won't settle for less. Worn by Pharell and more expensive than my first daughters wedding.
Man, those Bape clothes are like the Brooks Brothers of the hood.
by D Dizzle Daddy January 16, 2008
The act of getting some Air Force Ones and replacing the check mark with a star. Worn by faggots like soulja boy
Soulja boy: haters get mad cuz i got me some bathe n apes
Kid: dude stfu bapes arnt even cool...
by Name26951 March 09, 2009
Bape or A Bathing Ape is a Japanese clothing line originally founded by Tomoaki "Nigo" Nagao in 1993.

It was soon butchered by the likes of rappers like Soulja Boy when he released his album which included the song "Bapes".
Gay wangster: Man, I jus' got myself some bapes.
Friend: Shieeet, fo' real?

Japanese/American that actually knows a thing or two about hip-hop unlike some fakeass rapper: *nods head* your never gonna survive kid.
by omegaultima August 20, 2008
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