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An exclamation of "i got a feeling" followed by a desired outcome of happy revelation of pimpness
damn hyo, she just took home that jew that was spinning, and he made her breakfast in bed.
by raywow March 23, 2010
17 4
An exclamation of sadness, regret, or disappointment, following an undesired outcome or unhappy revelation.
"Son, I have bad news. Your girlfriend has been sleeping with someone else. That would be me. Oh, and she also orchestrated 9/11 and wrote that My Humps song."

by Tyrannorabbit December 23, 2009
18 9
Stoners/wreckheads, more commonly found in North Wales, expression of greetings/welcome/hello. Slang'er' term of the slang for hello - Hey yo.
H'yo Dac, sup? - translation - Greetings David, how are you today?
by Buck March 14, 2005
19 16