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A contemptuous dismissal, following a particularly egregious display of metal ignorance.
Metal fan 1: Judas Priest isn't metal.

Metal fan 2: Leave the hall.
by Tyrannorabbit November 26, 2009
A heavy-metal hand gesture, in which the subject holds out their hand(s), palm up, fingers broadly curled inward, as if clutching an invisible grapefruit, or an orb of majestic evil power (still invisible).
When the throwing of horns got co-opted by the widespread public to the point where they were often seen from Jonas Brothers fans, Lord Blaspherion G. McSatan decided to adopt a more metal-centric hand gesture: the invisible grapefruit clutch.
by Tyrannorabbit July 05, 2009
The rape with such force that it vaporizes the victim.

Coined in the lyrics to Judas Priest's "Hell Patrol".
Brutalize you, neutralize you
Gonna go for the throat as you choke and they'll vaporapeize you!
by Tyrannorabbit December 02, 2009
The imperceptably slow advancement of sideburns.
Somehow Billy's sideburns just kept getting longer, even though he always shaved right up to them. It wasn't intentional, but before he knew it he looked like a 1971 Cincinnati bartender. Sideburn creep had claimed another victim.
by Tyrannorabbit May 29, 2009
Once having been good, but then it went shitty, and it's been shitty ever since.
I was a big fan of (band) before they went been shitty.
by Tyrannorabbit March 29, 2011
An exclamation of sadness, regret, or disappointment, following an undesired outcome or unhappy revelation.
"Son, I have bad news. Your girlfriend has been sleeping with someone else. That would be me. Oh, and she also orchestrated 9/11 and wrote that My Humps song."

by Tyrannorabbit December 23, 2009

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