Yall are lost...A Hydroplane is a boat that you race, I know because my Dad races one, and here soon I will be...stupid focks
I race a hydroplane
by Steph-O January 27, 2004
Top Definition
1. The uncontrolled movement of an automobile when the tires loose traction with the road and move on a low friction surface of water; 2) A fuck up.
1. "Ah fuck. I HYDROPLANED!"

2. "Man, Wes, you really hydroplaned this time."
by yomammas February 18, 2003
v. to drive a car at highspeeds while high on marijuana (see hydro)originated as a play on the words hydro, or marijuana, and hydroplane
n. (1) a type of DJ scratch
(2) a vehicle that can drive on land and water. Or something.
v. "It's the kinda high that got me leaning, 120 mph speeding, (that's) the meaning of a hydroplane." - NERD ft. Malice from Clipse in "Am I High"

n. (1)"Yo, did you hear that hydroplane while the DJ was cutting it?"
(2) "Oh goody, I get to drive my father's hydroplane today! I'm cool!"
by Jam Master J April 14, 2005
when anything loses traction or creates a wave of air on which to ride while in motion.

Often uncontrolable unless is intentional.
those boats are hydroplaning on the water!
by D_strike_man August 07, 2004
A type of DJ scratch that uses a hand to vibrate the vinyl by creating fluttering friction which makes the speed of the record jump slower very quickly.
You have to have sticky fingers to perform the hydroplane, otherwise it will just slow the record down.
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
When a womans vagina is so lubricated your penis slips out. This often results in accidental anal sex, and then is called a hydroplane into a dirt road.
Hey man, that girl was begging for you to hydroplane her.
by Chuck Hussein-Norris December 03, 2010
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