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1. The dew on the grass outside of course; 2. When a woman awakens in a moist or aroused state; 3. When a woman awakens with "dew" on her "grass."; 4. What happens when you didn't do a good enough job the night before.
1. "You might want to wear your boots if you go over there, cause Linda has morning dew."

2. Sheila moaned, "Come to back to bed, Wes. I have morning dew."
by yomammas February 18, 2003
1. The uncontrolled movement of an automobile when the tires loose traction with the road and move on a low friction surface of water; 2) A fuck up.
1. "Ah fuck. I HYDROPLANED!"

2. "Man, Wes, you really hydroplaned this time."
by yomammas February 18, 2003
1. In the bible: Despicable minions of hell; 2. Archetype associated with eveil, darkness falsely veiled in light, treachery; 3) An easy scapegoat for Richard; ALSO: 4) Animal common to Antarctic region.
1. (3) "It was the Penguins I tell you, Katherine..."
by yomammas February 18, 2003
1. The state of a human penis after having been cock blocked by a po-police officer. 2. An irregularly shaped bacon that closely resembles a penis.
1. -"Gary, what did tha cop do to you? Do you still have a hard-on?"
-"Of course not - I've got bacon cock."

2. "Man, look at this yoke soaked bacon cock next to my eggs. That's some grizzle shizzle, ma nizzle."
by yomammas March 27, 2003
1. The bush of a woman's genitals; 2. Pussy.
I usuallyu prefer a woman to have her grass mowed before I fertilize.
by yomammas February 18, 2003

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