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a charver or irresponsible, out of control youth. Originated in Peterlee, North East England relating to Liam or "The Original Hutch", "Liam H" is often commonly used to refer to hooded children who drink smartprice cider.
He's a proper hutchy.
by ~*~RT~*~ October 21, 2007
A term to declare something of class and great design.
This website looks totally hutchy!
by BiggieSmall November 25, 2009
Very very. Similar to extremely. Often said with a special empathasis on hutchy depending, as in "This ice cream was HUTCHY bad." It was originally coined at Carlsbad High, California.
"That ice cream was hutchy good"
by Danimal December 29, 2004
hutchy means like a propa class lad with a pure huge nob but except from al that he is pure fukin solid as fuk and nee1 wants to mess with him:also hes the first person to ride up mount everest on a granny scooter...pure boshty as owt
hutchy:here man ya little dafty stop sellin tac on my corna or ill kick fuck oot of ya

giget:well i dickhed

hutchy:(smashes giget across the left nostril with a metal pole)haha propa knocked im oot with a metal bar

giget:here man am tellin on ya (crying)

hutchy: HAHA PUFF

by connor davis March 27, 2008
P******044: what does ur mom mean
Podgyman: hotness
podgyman(hutch) thinks his mom is "hotness"
by hutch moragne (mo-rain) February 17, 2005
where you've received an injury on your thighs or legs from playing softball.
Can barely walk today because of my hutchy. Can't come out tonight got a big hutchy.
by tarjodin May 14, 2015
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