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slut, not-for-profit harlot. Young hussies like to wear pink nike shox and jelly belts, have long, straight hair with chunky highlights.
A hussie emailed my man with the words, "is that your real pic? wow."
by Lil' Sneaka! aka, Amy March 29, 2005
300 201
a whore, someone who appears slutty
nemeth, you hussie, are such a whore!
by Josephina May 31, 2005
573 165
slut, pervert, someone who shows lots of clevage (example)
According to some dumb TV show on TV like 10 years ago...
by bobie January 02, 2005
311 233
Someone who has mastered manipulating others through creativity and art, and then consecutively emotionally scarring them by means of killing their favorite characters, developing tragic backstories, ending character-character relationships, etc.
"Whoa man have you been crying?"
"He... he sunk my OTP... what do I... how do I...?"
"It's okay; let it out, buddy"
"Damn you, Hussie... damn you..."
by a katnep shipper July 19, 2013
57 13
Also known as Andrew Hussie, he is creator of the popular webcomics Homestuck, Problem Sleuth, and many others. He maintains these webcomics on a website called mspaintadventures.com.
Andrew Hussie has created many stories that contain dark themes, random humor and crazy plotlines.
by The_Batter_Witch August 24, 2013
42 8
cara ur such a hussie! (j/k)
by Heather October 25, 2003
152 214
hussie slang for husband
your my hussie for life, I love you!!
by shawna February 05, 2005
52 663