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A scandalous ho; a slut who fucks around with relatives and friends.
That scandaho fucked her boyfriend last night and his dad the night before.
by Shawna April 25, 2005
A faggot from 7.5 who thinks everyone's in love with him. He is so full of himself we r surprised that he has not fucked him self yet. He thinks hes so hot and could get anyone. If you really want to see him then you will find him in the kitchen of mcdonalds. He will eat everything in sight. Be careful or he'll get you.
kids in the hall:ahhh! run devins coming! he could eat us!
by shawna March 23, 2005
a hottie with a body that men like to stare at and know that they cant have but everyone wants. she is so pleasing to the eye and eyecatcher. and all the guys want to flaunt their money at her b/c she is a money guzzeler. golddigger but men dont mind because she is so gorgous to be with they will spend every penny to have her on their arm. girls are jelous and men love her.
Did you see Roose today she is looking mighty fine but i am to broke for her.
by Shawna April 29, 2004
a person who cannot spell the word fuck; a retard gone normal.
That fucklin just said I'm a fank!;
That fucklin should just die!
by shawna October 03, 2004
fall out - restless - lacking sleep - to collapse with tiredness
I "cunked" out
by Shawna December 07, 2003
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