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anticipatory, nervous, edgy
I'm a bit toey about the big game tonight.
by wizofaus June 11, 2008
1. Edgy, nervously irritable, impatient and anxious.

2. Touchy or restive; apprehensive; fractious.
You can be "Toey" for many reasons. One of which maybe horny. Not the other way around.

Origin: 1920–25; orig. in reference to a racehorse; perhaps toe + -y1

You may well "Toey" if your horny, but you can't be horny because you're "Toey".
by Craigoss May 13, 2016
Being immensly sexually aroused, typically wanting sexual intercourse
"There 4 toey humans here, & you're in bed? Fuck me, fire up!"
-Mark Gasnier
by Immortal June 06, 2005
1. Feeling horny. Wanting to take your partner, or a random there and then and shag them senseless.

2. Horny, turned on and in need of an immediate shag
I'm so toey....get it in me NOW!
by Moz December 06, 2004
gettin freaky with your toe
girl we bout ta get toey
by pimpalious69 July 29, 2015
Feeling horny, would like a shag. Not sure where the example below comes from though.
I'm as toey as a Roman sandal.
by daholmez January 06, 2005
In hockey when you come down and use the toe of your stick to drag the puck around someone. Also known as a toe drag
"I came down and pulled the sickest toey then went cheds"
by story13 December 01, 2009
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