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Something that is extraordinary.
Dan had a humdinger of a penis.
by Dan Fox June 24, 2003
221 54
an adjective used to describe something of large importance, significance, or shocking
that was one hum dinger of an episode of the OC!

this test is one hum dinger of a toughie!
by Colleen Yergacheffe May 06, 2006
103 29
A woman with the capibility to throw her left breast over her right shoulder and squirt buttermilk into her anus.
Speaker 1: I hooked up with a humdinger last night.
Speaker 2: I know, you've told me eleven times.
by zoidberg1997 May 22, 2011
98 75
A term used by yokels or rednecks to describe a good time, though if used in general conversation, the slap of rightousness may be employed to correct afore mentioned linguistic mistake.
gee ma, this sure is a humdinger of a meal

mate, this is is a humdinger of a party ... *SLAP groovy *SLAP ... ok what can i say *SLAP
by Gonk September 28, 2005
113 93
When during a Blowjob the giver hums to the Batman theme song whilst an erect Penis is motioning back and forth in their throat and at the same time simultaneously flicking the receiver's balls as if it were the lunchtime bell.
My genitals were on sexual fire so bad when Jamie gave me a Hum Dinger that my heart stopped.

Who's Speechley fooling saying that he's not sexually experienced....the Hum Dinger he gave me told me he's done this kinda thing many times before.

If I'm not copping a Hum Dinger...I'm not alive!
by Horny Horn May 29, 2013
11 3
n. something that's really funny, as a joke, or perhaps an occurance that was exciting or funny. syn. doozey.
1. this dude bumped my car the other day. i got a hum-dinger of a scratch on it.
2. did you see ho much air he got? that was a hum-dinger.
by morgan the mighty April 08, 2005
9 13
when a bitch hums yo nuts
by Sticky April 04, 2003
70 74