when a bitch hums yo nuts
by Sticky April 04, 2003
The act of humming and rolling your tongue to stimulate the clitorous and/or genitals.
Example 1

Boy: Give me a humdinger bitch!
Girl: *giggles*Blushes*

Example 2

Boy:Hey hoodrat, humding my balls!
Hoodrat: Go fuck yourself!

Example 3

Girl:Humding my pussy!
Boy: Drop your panties ;)

Example 4

Hoodrat: Humding your homies balls you pole smoking panzy.
Boy: Suck a dick.
by IcePrincess&&ColdBloodedCobra February 25, 2010
When giving her the business from behind, when she reaches back and gives the boys a tickle.
I was trying to think about baseball, but once she gave me that Humdinger, it was all over.

Her nails were good for back scratching, but the real joy was when she used em for a good old fashioned Humdinger.
by Hartivarbari May 17, 2010
Something that is "BIGGER THAN A BEAR" . Usually said by someone that is from ringold (rednecks).
If you all dont shut up I'm gonna give you all a quiz and its gonna be a Humdinger!!!
by Tongue Warrior May 08, 2007
What Simon Cowell (American Idol) hopes next week will be...
I am hoping for a humdinger.
by Naddda Fan May 16, 2008
A man that gets pleasure from snorting the cum from a womans vagina
Phill: I hear that Patrick guy really gets pleasure from snorting womens cum.

Henrey: What a Humdinger!
by Hairy stick up October 11, 2008
When a person sucks a mans penis while humming at the same time.
Stacy, the humdinging prostitute, hummed "Whistle While You Work" while giving Daniel oral sex.
by Lillydalady January 21, 2003

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