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|win, new-win, when, new-yin|


1. A common last name among people of Vietnamese ancestry. The name is almost always mispronounced by non-gooks. The most accurate and accepted pronunciation would be 'win'. Nguyen is not restricted to last names, there are persons named Nguyen Nguyen that exist in this world. Nguyen is also commonly used as a play on words due to the way it is pronounced.
1. One the first day of class, the professor took attendance; when the name Nguyễn came up, he said, "en...guy-en?", Nguyen reluctantly raised his hand and said, "here".

2. Common play on words: forTheNguyen!; epic nguyen!; ninja nguyen!; look at that girl bro, she's a total Nguyen! I will Nguyen her heart! :D; zomg, u is teh nguyenrar!
by ±0 October 26, 2010
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