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A black person that does their best to please white people even if it means disowning their own racial identity.
"Uncle Tom House Niggers do scare me" - KRS One "House Niggas" (1989)
by D. Arse February 12, 2005
a black person that sucks up to the white man for benefits. From slave times where the house nigga would get to work inside the house as opposed to picking cotton out in the hot sun.
"Man, yous a house nigger"
"No I ain't!"
"yes u are! youd suck a crackers dick just to get some kool aid!!!"
by cooljack March 02, 2008
The house nigger, as defined by Malcolm X, is the slave who imagines himself to be thought of as kin by his master because they live in the same house.

A modern-day equivalent is a dishwasher who has a chip on his shoulder because he busts suds at a four-star hotel or restaurant.
"What chu talking about?! I aint no field nigger slave! He aint my massa, he's my pal -- we live together see! I am a house nigger!"

"There's a huge difference between a guy who washes dishes at Denny's and a guy who washes dishes at the Ritz. The former is a dirtbag and the latter is a pro."
by Johnny 16 September 30, 2007
Originally a term used during slave times for slaves who worked in the master's house on a plantation, it is now derisively used for Black people who are always trying to ingratiate themselves with their neo-conservative white "masters" by distancing themselves from everything Black, such as rap music.
House-niggers Condi Rice and Bill Cosby are always quick to point out that gangsta rap is part of "the problem" with Black people instead of acknowleding that it is a symptom of a conspiracy to keep young Black men in chains!
by EminemsRevenge September 25, 2006
Someone who's very fickle; a pushover; easily persuaded.
I'm such a housenigger when it comes to boys; I'll get back with them even if they cheated on me.
by yeahmannnnnnn December 31, 2008
1. A black man in the White House, generally one exhibiting a toned-down version of African-American culture.

2. Barack Obama after November 4,2008.
Black guy: Aw yeah, Obama won. That's mah niggah.
White guy: Aw yeah, Obama won. That's mah House nigger.
by iheartkfc November 19, 2008
a black Republican
any black Republican is a house nigger because the GOP could care less about them, hence the Southern Strategy.
by Lakser August 30, 2008
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