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Unlike traditional conservatives (who advocate small, gradual change), neo-cons advocate the use of force, manipulation and deception to radically change social policy BACK to the repressive pre-1960s days, while keeping the economy free-market thus enabling large corporations to take over the world.
Burn, you filthy, lying, stinking neo-con shitbag.
by James O'Brien August 02, 2005
One who follows the "neo-con" subsect of the American conservative political wing. A Neo Conservative generally favors hawkish foreign agendas and overt militarization due to their core purpose of promoting American supremacy overseas and their disgustingly retarded and simplistic belief that any given situation can be resolved with aggression (see: Iraq). Due to their unabashed shortsightedness, they are considered ignorant buffoons by other conservatives. Especially so by the paleoconservatives.

When it comes to domestic affairs, however, Neo Conservatives aren't nearly as decisive. In fact, they're totally impotent and ineffectual.

Gee, I guess that's why our economy is in the shitter and the rest of the world hates us... We have a neo-conservative dickhead in the White House.
by Ninja Disaster August 30, 2003
To belong to a doctrine or group that suggests it is okay to use force to tactically aquired every resource on the planet either through a client state system or direct rule. Fringe groups (normally Christians) and secrective inner circles also believe that it is Americas divine right to do this.

Tend to explain their actions by praying on the fears and ignorance of a large portion of the masses.

Neo-con think tanks are known for their logical buisness like thinking, forgetting the fact they also come up with social policies too.
Neo-conservatives got elected into the Whitehouse because Americans are too stupid to vote for arguements against them.
by Arthur October 05, 2003
A war-hawk, usually without any military experience, who calls themself a conservative even though they couldn't care less about the size or scope of the federal government. Their only goal domestically is to marginalize the conservative/libertarian wing of the Republican party.
The neoconservatives in Bush administration are pissing on Barry Goldwater's grave.
by Chris in NJ April 23, 2004
Person who practices 1960s hedonism in his/her personal life, but abolishes all the hard parts (social responsibility) of that decade's cause. Normally a chicken hawk, as well. Often uses drugs but wants to spend $37,000/year of taxpayer money to ruin the lives of poorer people who do the same.
If you haven't figured it out, the neocons are in control right now.
by Zeppelin June 28, 2004
A devout follower of the conservative ideal of small government ...when it comes to the economy. A neo-conservative will gnaw at the very soul of anyone who disagrees with him/her on moral issues, however.
A neo-conservative politician doesn't care about people who live in poverty, because of his/her "conservative" ideals. This same "conservative", however, will fight life and limb against homosexuality, because it is "wrong" (i.e. he/she doesn't agree with it). He/she will try to put the Bible in public schools because he/she believes that it is the work of God.
A word semi-cleverly used to proclaim yourself a fascist without actually saying the word.
Reducing taxes for the richest people on earth while spending ludicrous amounts of money to force young soldiers to fight an unjustifiable war; spying on and detaining people without any real criminal evidence against them under the guise of "fighting terrorism"; and dismissing any counter arguments to your beliefs and/or actions as being "Anti-American" doesn't make you a "fascist". It makes you a neoconservative.
by R2E February 28, 2008
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