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Part of the Dutch name for an old African tribe called Hottentotten. Hotten has no real meaning and can be used to express nonsense or to call someone for no actual reason.
Hey Hotten!
You hotten my flop!
You're talking hotten...
by marcel April 07, 2004
dutch nonsense word. no real meaning. something a bit silly....
sorta like something you would call someone you knew, just for fun and profit. yes.
hotten, what is hotten? I dunno hotten? well hotten. yes hotten. Hotten Mc. Floppy Tot? yes
or Hotten Totten himself.
by sam April 06, 2004
An expression of great beauty.
Damn man, she's is so hottens! I would totally have coitus with her.
by purify2 October 09, 2012
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