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A very attractive female who is in a wheel chair.
"Damn I'd love to get with hot wheels over there."
by Orhan September 08, 2006
A synonym for "Beat That."

This is because almost all of the "Hot Wheels" commercials constantly shout the phrase, so much in fact, that the two have become interchangeable.
*random person is sniped by n00b*

n00b: Hot Wheels!
by nubluva March 02, 2007
Nickname given to Frederick Brennan, the creator of 8chan, who saved us all from the traitor moot, who cashed in the control of his website and dignity for some SJW poon.
hotwheels leading the way
by zDwyer June 02, 2015
Someone from Malaysia. Term originates from Hot Wheels toy cars being produced there.
Edrei is such a hot wheel!
by Red Swingline Stapler April 28, 2007
A name for a boy, who due to his bad back has to sit in special chairs during exams.
"Look at Hotwheels in his special chair, damn I wish I had one."
by Invisible Gamer October 14, 2012
An annoying paraplegic that uses her disability for pity. I.E. Cel.
Oh, Hot Wheels? I hate her.
by Rob November 27, 2004
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