An extremely hot redhead!
Guy 1: "Dayum, you see the redhead?"
Guy 2: "yeah she's definitely a hot tamale!"
Guy 1: "what??"
Guy 2: " hot tamale=hot redhead"
Guy 1: " I like it!!"
by Stone5 December 05, 2013
Mariah Carey's new saying, which means something is hot!
That new shirt is Hot Tamale.
by Hawk April 15, 2005
The best candy in the whole wide world that makes your mouth feel all sizzly inside; very addictive cinnamon flavored candy; yummy; freakin awesome.
I want my Hot Tamales.
by Susie January 01, 2005
A very addictive candy. The crack of candy.
I'm freaking out man, I did not have my hot tamales today.
by Just Born April 03, 2008
A confident yet not conceited and super sexy female who turns heads at every corner. She owns every room she goes in, always is the center of attention, has tons of charisma. All her female friends want to be like her, and all the guys want to sleep with her.
"Wow, that girl Amanda is The Hot Tamale of that group"
by Tall May 08, 2013
When a male puts a condom on his dick, sprays mace on it, then proceeds to have intercourse with a woman.
"i gave her a hot tamale, thats why i'm in prison"
by Altars6 December 01, 2009
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