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When you cum into a squirt bottle, like the ones in Stadiums or hot dog stands, heat it up for a little bit, and then squirt it into somebody's face
Dude, can I borrow your ketchup dispenser, i want to hot tamale my girlfriend tonight
by Steven Hicks December 16, 2008
7 18
Sexc {{Sexy}}
Kute {{Cute}}
Hot Ass Candii {{Candy}}

SumthiiN Dat Jus MAde Yew Sweat,.,.,Hard,.,.,Horney,Happy
I'm On Fire!, Hot Tamale
by NiiQU3YyY.Pooh.iiN.Da.D August 23, 2008
4 15
The womens version of hot lips houlahan.

When you're about to go down on your male partner, put hot sauce in your mouth to heat up the mood.
I gave steve a hot tamale, I hope it doesn't sting when he pees!
by Tevenator October 08, 2009
14 26
When you repeatedly smack a girls ass while shitting in her eye, and sing hot tamale, hot hot tamale.
i really enjoyed that hot tamale last night
by loopy20 January 19, 2009
11 23
A "Hot Tamale" is is the nickname you give your vagina to describe the firey sensation one gets after thier partner performs oral or "manual" stimulation to them after eating spicy foods and forgetting to wash hands/brush teeth. A normal occurance if your spouse likes hot peppers or other spicy foods.
After several minutes of him going down on me I remembered we had spicy tacos for dinner...not cool (pun intended). I laughed and said "you gave me a hot tamale"
by nakedgirl May 09, 2008
24 36
When you're fucking a girl on the rag and you pull your cock out and shove it in her mouth.
I gave her two hot tamales!
by The Original Tripod 69 July 03, 2011
4 17
If someone poops in a corn husk, and rubs it in someones face it is known as a hot tamale. Ideal if done to someone with bad sunburn.
After a long day at the beach my girlfriend had bad sunburn (she had also been very annoying). She wanted mexican food for dinner so instead I gave her a hot tamale.
by chris brooke sam April 14, 2007
28 44