To leave a pubor bar without saying goodbye or use as an excuse to make an exit to go home. Especially convenient if a hotdog van or stall locates itself outside the premises.
"I'm going for a hotdog"
#piking #leaving #excuse #exit #goodbye
by Helsy April 14, 2008
Eating out someone's asshole. Lips and assholes, man.
I love hotdogs, all the time.
#tossing salad #eating out ass #rusty trombone #brown nose #up shit creek
by fawkward69 January 13, 2010
A random person who does not fit in the scenario, or have any purpose being there. In the "what's wrong with this picture?" games, they would be what was wrong.
"What is he doing here?!" "Hotdog!"
by The LS June 26, 2005
1.the best goddamn food ever, commonly eaten during baseball times...
3.a nerdish word used during the early 50's
1."pass me a hotdog d00d!!"
2."can i eat your hotdog?"
3."HOTDOG! i finally finished my ant collection!"
by kickace July 23, 2005
a really sexy dog (dog meanin guy)
i need a hot dog badly so if u want a sexy grl all u hot dogs instant message me or email me seriously!!!!!!!!no actually don't
by ? March 21, 2004
a nice piece of salomi with cheese
yo i had a nice piece of hotdog last nite
by jackson nine April 08, 2003
When you put your dick in between a girls pussy lips and have her slide back and fourth looking just like a hotdog and the buns.
1.I was about to give it to this girl and she wouldnt let me stick it in so i hotdogged her
#the slider #slip and slide #hotdog muncher #dogger #dog and bunn
by JCOX1990 September 26, 2008
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