The act of swinging the closed end of a white tube sock, filled with freshly deficated feces from one's sexual partner, and hitting one's sexual partner in the face.
"I was about to Hot Carl that bitch when the end of the sock broke open and shit went flying all over the place"

"Sheela had been begging for a Hot Carl all week, but when I finaly got in the mood, there wasn't a tube sock in sight."

"I hot carled that bitch for or five times that night before she finaly succumbed to head trauma and died."
by Greg Magno February 24, 2008
to shove an object (finger thumb tootsie roll) etc... up someones ass while they are wearing athletic shorts
thus the poop on the inside of their pants will be hot and nasty
The dude was being a moron so Tom gave his a hot carl with a Sharpie Marker
by oaklawnie September 11, 2007
Taking a shit in a sock and slapping someone in the face with it!
Wow, Matt just got a steamy hot carl to the face....gross
by DreamySarah November 23, 2007
Everyone is wrong, I'll explain what a REAL Hot Carl is.
A Hot Carl consists of shitting on a female's tits and then titty fucking her. If you do it right and have a good fecal consistense, this will result in a crap bridge over her titties. Not to be confused with the Hot Carlos wich consists of the same thing but instead of the female partner, a hard surface like a counter is used.
- Man this chick has big boobs I would love to do a Hot Carlos on her.
- You mean a Hot Carl right?
- Oh yeah, I'm kind of used to being lonely ...
by hotcarl4u September 17, 2007
To shit on someone's face
A stripper was cock-blocking her friend, another stripper whore, by telling me and me friends that the bitch was into some sick shit like "Hot Carls". She explained it to us; to have her face shit on.
by Daeman May 30, 2005
This is a simple maneuver where you withdraw your shaft from the bowels of her anus and place it directly into her mouth for a cleaning. Apparently some guy named Carl first tried this.
Ted:I could never do anal sex with tammy my pen15 would be all covered with shit.
Ned:Thats why you give her a hot carl plus it saves you time,water,and soap.
by SIR DIRTY SANCHEZ February 28, 2005
to shit into a sock and hit slap a chick in the face with the sock.
cynthia's face was bruised from the powerful hot carl she received the other night.
by schultz April 07, 2005

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