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6 definitions by schultz

the part of skin that joins your balls to your ass (a.k.a. the gooch and taint)
god your assneck must stink because you just told the room you wipe forward.
by schultz October 16, 2004
Meanlingless phrase normally said when you want to say a lot of swear words at once but the just all combine into one
ah.......... cock balls
by Schultz February 03, 2005
When you accidently combine the words cab and taxi together
I came home drunk looking for a cabsi
by Schultz February 03, 2005
v. When fucking a girl, hopefully, doggie style kick out their arms and make her fall on her face. Her face will noe become a vacuum.
Bill: Hey man your girlfriend's face was pretty burned up
George: (grins)
by schultz January 29, 2004
St. Francis University
DUKE killed STFU last night in NCAA basketball
by Schultz February 03, 2005
to shit into a sock and hit slap a chick in the face with the sock.
cynthia's face was bruised from the powerful hot carl she received the other night.
by schultz April 07, 2005