A person who's physically/sexually very attractive, but an emotional/psychological disaster area. Extremely charismatic in short bursts; typically but not necessarily great in the sack; impossible to live with. Male Patron Saint: Tom Cruise. Female Patron Saint: Lindsay Lohan/Winona Ryder (tie).
"Did you see those side boob pics of LiLo going into rehab?"

"She looked great in court, too. Man, she is one hot mess."
by SmallieBiggs May 31, 2013
An attractive person whose life is a disater and may lose interest in keeping up his/her apperance.
Britney Spears is in rehab again. She's such a hot mess.
by Kay B. September 23, 2008
a person, thing, or situation in such a state of disarray or disapproval by peers, often in reference to physical appearance, perceived to be disastrously embarrassing, pitiful, or beyond repair.
"catherine's hot." "yeah, a hot mess."
by khwot December 12, 2011
A person (usually female) that is in an untidy or in a messy state. Either emotionally or visually, but maintains an attractive look about her (or him?).
Dude 1: Hey dude 2, woke up with my girl last night, she was a sexy as Hot Mess!

Dude 2: Hot...
by Annnonymoussss November 27, 2010
When one's appearance and behaviour gradually sink into chaotic disarray, usually accompanied by an ever increasing consumption of alcohol.
Michael: I've never seen anyone drink so much. She's destroyed! Natasha's a fucking hot mess!
by mirrorframe October 23, 2009
When you usually do not care about your appearance yet you are still attractive
Damn, that girl Tiffany always looks like a hot mess!
by shadysarah February 18, 2015
A person - more often female, but can be male, who as a result of questionable decisions - often regarding relationships with others or personal behavior - is, or has the strong potential to be, in some sort of trouble.
"That girl's drinking and partying all night while neglecting her husband and kids. She just doesn't seem to care about her work or friends either - she's a hot mess."
by greenberyl September 16, 2013
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