A term used to describe the aftermath of anal intercourse where semen, blood and feces ooze out of the anus.
After I hit that ass, it was a hot mess.
by nas'd November 02, 2011
a sexy person who has a shit face when he/she drinks.
Penn State Dude: I wanna goto Juniata and meet some smart sexy girls tonight?

Juniata Girl: I know I am smart and sexy but I am such a hot mess when i am drunk.
by jc_sherwood1 August 29, 2011
A person who makes a stellar leader...can be a disaster 24/7 but pull off any task given to them. Makes things ten times harder than they need to be but handles business. Can laugh off and make look good falling down a flight of stairs, rear ending people regularly and over all making a fool of themselves.
A hotmess will continue to make a million mistakes but can always persevere with a smile on their face.
by lea-tard August 15, 2011
adj., Foustian in origin. Used to describe things that are extreme. Must be used in context for the listener to understand whether it is positive or negative. In the negative sense, it takes on a tone of high sarcasm.

Positive: "Were you at the Madonna concert last night? It was a hot mess."

Negative: "Ew, do you see what she's wearing? It's a hot mess."
by JFlash June 20, 2006
When a situation is an extreme cluster-fuck.
This traffic-jam is a hot mess.
by Squad September 05, 2005
Contrary to the negative definitions. A Hot Mess is a person that can be a funny, whitted, not trend style dressed person. She/He can hold their humor even when in the worst/most awkward of circumstances just to make others laugh.

Meaning: They are just "somthin' else!" Crazy, whacky, odd, funn, out going, they could care less about what they look like to other people. The General Shit talkers attitude or no shit takers. Could be an atractive person, but to a Hot mess, who cares because they just don't care about impressions and looks ans long as it's a funny one.
(IM Conversation)
Punkin: Girl what you doing? Get Off here-lol!
Kel: Hows about I come over their and get on you!
Punkin: ROTFLMAO Girl You a Hot Mess!
Kel: I know. Hows work?
Punkin: Still stuck here.
Kel: 3 more mis and your work day is over. have a good night!
Punkin: You too girl.


bro: Damn girl you lookin fine, why don't you hop in my ride and we'll go put some cavssia on ice.
Me: Bro you are out yo mind. I know what you diggin' your sliz nizzle in my tacizzle hommie. No can do! I've gotta man that keeps me satisfied 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. I don't need nona dat creepin around my what what or you starin at my butt nut.
bro: lol Girl you a Hot mess.
Me: I know bro.
1. An obviously warm, sticky, steaming pile of just-ejaculated semen. Cum. Enough said.

2. A term used to describe someone/something that is passed the most horrible point of possibly being described.

All other definitions can apply!
1. - Gyaahhh.... now I have a hot mess to clean up.

-- Suzy: I'll eat up your hot mess, Johnny..

Johnny: Okaii Suzy!

2. - Oh my Moses.. You're one bloody hot mess. xD
by Auzy--- September 23, 2009

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