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A person (usually female) that is in an untidy or in a messy state. Either emotionally or visually, but maintains an attractive look about her (or him?).
Dude 1: Hey dude 2, woke up with my girl last night, she was a sexy as Hot Mess!

Dude 2: Hot...
by Annnonymoussss November 27, 2010
An hot girl who is looking like she has been drinking and doing blow for 36 straight.
(Lindsay Lohan) is a hot mess
by wpnsidej April 06, 2010
That girl that never has her keys, wallet, or phone. But, somehow has her life in order. It doesn't work out for anyone else, but she pulls it off looking sexy as hell.
Did you see that girl in Biology today?

The one with the latte and shit falling out of her backpack?
Yeah. How does she get such good grades. She is the biggest hot mess I know.
by hotmess101 September 22, 2011
Super attractive girl, probably in her twenties, has some drinks at the bar with her friends but gets separated from them. She blacks out for a few hours and eventually snaps back to reality as she's leaving a strip club. She is with a bachelor party full of men she just met that night. She appears to have lost her purse, camera, phone, hat, and left flip flop. Having no way to contact the friends that she started the night out with, she is forced to go back to the hotel with said bachelor party.
My friend just had to call the strip club to see if they could look for her purse. She's a hot mess.
by abzillaaa July 10, 2011
1. a person that looks just pitiful
2. a person who looks as if they've been to hell and back
That girl looked like a hot mess after she woke up from her long slumber.
by Bnugg December 28, 2003
a sexy person who has a shit face when he/she drinks.
Penn State Dude: I wanna goto Juniata and meet some smart sexy girls tonight?

Juniata Girl: I know I am smart and sexy but I am such a hot mess when i am drunk.
by jc_sherwood1 August 29, 2011
A term used to describe the aftermath of anal intercourse where semen, blood and feces ooze out of the anus.
After I hit that ass, it was a hot mess.
by nas'd November 02, 2011