An hot girl who is looking like she has been drinking and doing blow for 36 straight.
(Lindsay Lohan) is a hot mess
by wpnsidej April 06, 2010
1. a person that looks just pitiful
2. a person who looks as if they've been to hell and back
That girl looked like a hot mess after she woke up from her long slumber.
by Bnugg December 28, 2003
Someone or something that is extremely disorganized and/or in need of much improvement
Damn, did you see shorty at the club? She was a hot mess!
by Marc25 August 15, 2009
A girl who manages to look stunning when other girls would look badly dressed, messy, dirty etc.
She may have been covered in oil from fixing her car, but damn, that girl was a hot mess.
by hayles_89 February 26, 2009
Super attractive girl, probably in her twenties, has some drinks at the bar with her friends but gets separated from them. She blacks out for a few hours and eventually snaps back to reality as she's leaving a strip club. She is with a bachelor party full of men she just met that night. She appears to have lost her purse, camera, phone, hat, and left flip flop. Having no way to contact the friends that she started the night out with, she is forced to go back to the hotel with said bachelor party.
My friend just had to call the strip club to see if they could look for her purse. She's a hot mess.
by abzillaaa July 10, 2011
A pretty, intelligent girl who works hard and plays hard. Don't let her looks fool you, she can drink you under the table! Her infectious kindergarden smile is hard to escape.
Only a hotmess like her could drink 15 shots of Patron and still look amazing
by MattSG October 25, 2010
Someone that is dressed poorly or who's hair is not done. A person who is poor in appearance.
She looks like a hot mess.
by Stephanie Moore December 07, 2005

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