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To become sexually aroused to the point where you are unable to think clearly.
I got the mad flow that makes all the ladies get hot and bothered.
by DB September 18, 2004
834 140
adj. a state of sudden yet subtle arousal
"Carla, don't wear your thong with those gets me all hot and bothered"

"I was so hot and bothered by his manly looks, I couldn't stand up"

by Ali Butz April 30, 2008
297 168
Sexually aroused; horny.
Seeing my girlfriend's breasts on the webcam made me feel all hot and bothered.
by Cassandre270 July 06, 2009
167 90
sexually aroused; lustful.
"O Katie I am so hot and bothered after Kyle and Alex stripped for us"
by AGHotandBothered January 26, 2009
160 96
Increase in body heat and sexual arousal caused by a certain person or object.
Dwayne:I love you and how your personality gets me all hot and bothered

Amanda:D'awww how nice, whatever the Fuck that means
by Sirshinypenis6 March 20, 2011
106 87
1. aroused, especially sexually

2. angry, indignant, irritated
That really made him hot and bothered. Hope he doesn't do anything stupid.
by The Return of Light Joker September 26, 2009
76 97