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A person who aside from being a Twat / Cunt hybrid also has the misfortune of being a procrastinator.
Example: Did Rob send out the notes yet? Nope. He's being a Procrastitwunt!
by Sawboy May 06, 2013
This verb began in the 1960's when rioters were controlled in large cities especially New York and Chicago by fire hoses. The Democratic Convention in Chicago provided images every night of Mayor Daily's police knocking down rioters and looters with high-pressure water hoses. New York's draft riots were more violent and the Army even sent tanks to discourage massive looting. But, since the evening news was edited in New Your by New York biased TV news organizations fewer hosing were shown in that city.
Jim was hosed by the pigs and fell breaking his new tv.
by sawboy December 01, 2005
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