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Frightening, horrible, totally bad stuff.
Man, my ticket was total horror show.
by Rick Allen May 19, 2008
8 24
Part of the 'Nadsat' vocabulary used by Alex in Anothony Burgess' Novel 'A Clockwork Orange', Horrorshow was derived by Burgess from the russian word 'Khorosho' meaning well or good.
real horrorshow (very good)
by the hXc dude October 06, 2005
520 61
somthing good,or a good time.
we'd get some milako-plus,then things got real horrorshow.
by sky May 10, 2003
144 57
Something cool. See Clockwork Orange.
The Durango 95 purred through the streets real horrorshow.
by seth June 08, 2004
113 60
1. A made up term from the book "A Clockwork Orange", meaning very good.

2. A Toronto based graffiti artist, known for rad stenciled pieces.
1. "That movie was real horrorshow"

2. "Did you see that stencilled bear that Horrorshow did? It was sick!"
by blanketsofearthcovermyeyes August 20, 2009
16 33
A way to describe something of exceptionally good stature.
-The rework of the word was coined in the sick fuck book, "A Clockwork Orange."
Alex: "Let's play classical music and run around killing old ladies, that would be horrorshow!"
by sux0r August 15, 2003
46 127
something spectaculary good or bad
That 500 pound woman looked real horrorhshow in her skivvies
by Bungalow Bill December 21, 2001
23 124