That common feeling of being excessivly horny and hungry.. Often I find myself confronted with this combiation, sometimes horny, hungry, and angry
"I'm SO horngry! For God's Sake! Feed Me and Fuck Me NOW!!"
by Wriston March 01, 2005
Top Definition
Hungry and Horny at the same time.
Homer Simpson is in a purpetual state of horngryness.
by Jesus Christ the 2nd July 20, 2005
1. The act of being horny and hungry at the same time; -ier; -iest

2. A insatiable form of desperation containing elements of carnal lust or hunger; -ier; -iest

After 30 days lost in the wilderness with no human contact, he was stark-raving horngry.
by Curtis Meyer March 13, 2008
The problem of being hungry and horny at the same time.
James "I am so Horngry that I am going to fuck this sandwich, then eat it."
by Jwood02 June 28, 2010
State of being very horny. State of hungry for some poon or D as may be the case.
It was hard to concentrate on my studying last night. I was so horngry I could've eaten my girlfriend up twice!
by watagatapitusberrie May 10, 2010
The physical condition in which one is horny and hungry at the same time.
Mark: Come on, baby, lots of people use food in their foreplay. I thought you would find it romantic.

Arlene: Yeah, okay. I understand the whip cream and strawberries, but what's up with the bacon and the tuna melt on rye?

Mark: I can't help it, I'm so horngry.

The giant statue of Ronald McDonald made Ryan confusingly but incredibly horngry.
by ricecracker February 11, 2010
To be hungry and have a strong lust for food.
Metaphorically speaking, for one's stomach to either get a boner or become moist.
Conversation over the phone:
"Damn I'm starving. What are you making for dinner over there?"
"We ordered a buffalo chicken pizza and 3 orders of fries"
"Aww shit girl, you getting me so horngry right now."
by foxonwheels June 21, 2009
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