The act of being horny and hungry at the same time.
by Konginthatrunk January 15, 2010
being horny for sex
girl: what's gotten into you? why you all up on me?

boy: cause gurl, im really horngry!!!!
by paul_pitcher August 30, 2009
(adj.) feeling or displaying hunger and hormones simultaneously. Used in a sexual sense
Girl: if you keep scratching your balls, I'm gonna get horngry

Guy: Let's go to my place and bang right now
by Pussydestoyer6969 March 06, 2015
The combination of feeling hungry and horny.
Yes! It's taco night. Add some pink taco to that order, I'm horngry.
by ocongnar July 27, 2012
When a guy is so hungry that it's almost a sexual passion and wants a woman to make him a sammich.
Often used in smchting
jack was so horngry that he asked his mom to make him a sandwich.
by sweetjesusmama June 16, 2010
The disire of foreplay with food.
I am horngry.
by Joshman August 07, 2002
Meaning; I want to eat tacos off your ass
Man, did you see that waitress? She's making me horngry!
by G Love 9800 November 26, 2015

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