Horny and hungry combined. Horngry refers to the state of being hungry for food and for sex at the same time; having an appetite for a meal and for sexual activity in one setting. Characterized by a desire of food and sex.
Craig was so horngry at lunch today. He order a cheeseburger with a side of handjob.
by butal-apap November 18, 2010
When one's sexual appetite can only be fully satiated by either "eating" or sucking the opposite sex's genitalia.
Dude I'm so horngry that I could eat a horses pussy.
by Ingrown hair man July 23, 2009
The feeling one receives when they are famished and hormonally charged at the same time.
I couldn't decide wether to jack off or make myself a sandwich because I was feeling horngry.
by Klingie September 02, 2008
Horny for food
by E. Shayna August 05, 2008
ones raging lust for eating and all things food related, typically brought on and exacerbated by watching food network. Like horniness it can be fastest cured by looking at a "blue waffle", the antithesis of alluring food sexual innuendo.
OMG, im so horngry from watching man vs food, i could get off to a bite of baby back ribs...
by swinetastic_inc. May 29, 2012
horny and hungary add the same time
i wanna eat and have intercourse im horny and hungry..im horngry!
by bishopcube April 23, 2009
The terrible feeling when you are both horny and extremely hungry. The difficult feeling of choosing between sexual satisfaction and a cheeseburger.
-Man i'm so fn horngry. but my girlfriend will be here any minute? think i have time to eat??

-I'm so hungry!. idk if i'll be able to make it through intercourse without passing out!
by nelly2617 April 11, 2009

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