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horny + ornery

The irritable state resulting from not getting any
Man, I'm so hornery that girls don't wanna talk to me, it's a vicious circle.
by gooberbigglesnot October 08, 2004
The condition one succumbs to when one is sexually frustrated to the point of aggression.
"He's in a bad mood, looks like he needs to get laid."
"Don't mind him, he's just hornery."
by Professor Wormbog January 04, 2006
adj. A general cantankerousness experienced in times of erotic drought.
I thought it was PMS, but I realized my girl was just hornery.
by Silvio Rabioso August 05, 2009
Someone who is both cranky and horny.
Well ain't III hornery this morning
by Klunk February 04, 2004
The state of being where one is ornery due to the fact that they have been horny and unsatisfied.

Wanting sex so bad, that one is irritable and combative.

Typically occurs when two people with amazing chemistry are unable to express themselves physically due to outside circumstances. (I.E. Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Parents, Church)
Everytime I think about our time together in the desert it just gets me so hornery because we can't have that anymore.
by Lo Dark Cloud February 23, 2011
The angry, touchy, all around unpleasant nature one gets in when they're so horny it makes them ornery and surly to all who interact with them.
Man, my girlfriend has been out of town for three weeks and I got so hornery I shouted at my boss for taking my stapler. I had to rub one out at lunch so I'd calm down.
by DickySimms September 02, 2010
So horny that you are crabby. Horny+Ornery
I haven't gotten laid in a week and I'm super hornery
by Jen9823 January 21, 2008
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