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1. In middle school: holding hands and hugging
2. In high school: making out, fondling, handjobs and blowjobs
3. In college: drunken one night stands
4. Beyond college: wild sex
1. Sean and Jennifer hooked up after school yesterday.
Middle school girls: "oooooh!"

2. Sean and Jennifer hooked up after prom.
High school friends: "tell me more about this!"

3. Sean and Jennifer hooked up during the wild frat party.
College broskis: "yeaah, good for you, man!"

4. Sean and Jennifer hooked up after they got wasted at the bar.
Anyone: "casual sex? whatever, happens all the time."

And that's how people hook up.
by Grandma Maxie July 18, 2011
489 204
Someone who can get you a deal, free stuff or connection
That dude from the corner hooked me with weed.
Yo i'm hungry hook me up with a BigMAC.
Dwayne's gonna hook me up with his sister.
by sk January 06, 2003
362 178
There are so many different definitions to this phrase...

1) To go out with; date

2) To make out with, without dating the person; not considered cheating

3) To make out with, without dating the person; considered cheating

4) To have sex with

5) To recieve a great favor/deed done for you

6) To go out with a person (on an outing, not considered dating)
1) I wanna hook up with Nina!

2) Jessie and Fred hooked up last week.

3) Gregg was pissed off when he found out Morgan hooked up with John

4) Chelsea and Pete hooked up at a party and Chelsea ended up getting pregnant.

5) Thanks for hooking me up with these concert tickets!

6) I saw my old friend Tammy in the grocery store, so we hooked up and went to the mall to hang out.
by Ryly Shea July 23, 2008
516 339
1. make out with someone
2. get together with someone (as a date)
i hooked up with that guy...he was yummy
by Ronnie May 25, 2003
597 447
When two people (opposite or the same sex) hang out and do any of the following: make out, sleep together, go to 2nd or 3rd. It is always really vague what the person has done as it is meant to be. Hooking up has replaced mainstream dating....It's no longer, omg when will he call, but....omg, that was awesome, i wonder when he'll ask me out after the last said hookup.
Last night me and Matt hooked up...I wonder if he'll come over again tonight, because that was amazing.
by Lauren April 15, 2005
235 102
To have sex with someone you are not currently dating or are in a commitment type of relationship with. This may occur when going on a date or on any random occasion.
Buck: So are you two dating or what?
Ned: Nah, we've just hooked up a few times.
by mike May 29, 2004
490 392
to join together, to acquire through ceretain channels, to obtain, to fuck.

Usually in reference to drugs, a good deal, or getting laid.
"I need to call my hook-up."
"Go call your hook-up."
"I gonna get my hook-up tonight, yo."
by deathtobees February 18, 2004
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