this is the correct spelling for the word "hoodie" it has the exact meaning, but this is just to correct the dumbass losers who say i'm definition this means, sweater w/ a hood and large pocket in the front.look under "hoodie" for further information.
that hoody must keep you warm.
by Jenna October 29, 2004
Foreskin; funny to ask in a question.
Q:"Do you have a hoody?"
A:*stares in disbelief*
by Definitionac September 21, 2004
An act of fellatio on a male.

See "Blow Job"
"Yo man, I got a hoody from this chick at a party on the weekend"
by Matt September 28, 2004
That's totally wrong. Not right.
You've been accused of something that totally bites, so you say, "That's hoody."
by Little Northern Girl February 09, 2005
A teenage private school attending boy who likes to indulge in romps with both males and females and has a tendancy also to romp with midgets.

see. bisexual midget man
That Hoody is the son of a preacher-man.
by jamie_alistair August 09, 2004
The most genius of players, the one who can run them all and still pull shit like a real one.
you wish you could be like hoody, bitch.
by dsizzle November 24, 2003
Girls that travel in a group and look attractive yet scandlous, like they might arguably be the finest ladies in there hood. They mostly like to think that they are dimes at there local bar but in fact they are maybe sevens.
We are diffently getting laid tonight ......... there are mad hoodies in this joint.
by Alex 760 February 20, 2007

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