Young Thug
Janis&Jamie are true Hoodlums
by unfollow April 25, 2013
Teenagers local to McDonald's that make a weekly trek to Wendy's. They must travel through the "lum" whilst wearing hoods. Hoodlums are trouble makers.
Kara and Zach are your typical, troublesome hoodlums.
by hoodlumchild123 September 07, 2012
Term used to describe a small time gangster
Hoodlums are just hoodlums they go around getting drunk & trashing the place they aint no real time gangsters they're just small time
by Harry69 June 29, 2009
A person who doesn't keep his promises. One who cannot meet a simple deadline; letting people down in the process.
Chris: Hey I'm going to release a game on the 25th of January.

Warzone: It's been 3 days man what's going on you're becoming a hoodlum.
by Warzone2333 February 02, 2013
someone thats always hanging around in the ghetto typically wearing oversized clothing robbing candy stores and smoke reggies because they are poor
Look at that hoodlum holding up the candy store
by Durtyy Sanchez August 13, 2009
Sarah and Charlie for throwing sweets around Neil's car.
Hoy, stop throwing they sweets you hoodlum!
by Skittles10 October 04, 2010
An ex-warez group, shut down in 2005 by the Operation Site Down raids. Primarily crackers of Safedisc and Securom.
Hey, remember Hoodlum?

Yeah! Whatever happened to them? haven't seen them anywhere for ages!

Apparently someone shut them down!
by qwertyacme March 18, 2011

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