Kathleen and Brittany
often hoodlums when sleeping
kath and brit are hoodlums heck ya
by kathleennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn March 07, 2008
secretly cross-dressing Drum & Bass DJ from the London area.Acts all that but is actually wack
that hoodlum only plays the tunes he gets for free,and he wears knickers while he plays them,batty man
by tinaB May 03, 2004
and or reffering to behavior of young missbehaving outoflessents, commonly refered to as skateboarders
Old Man: get out my yard you hoodlum
by andrew nelllis February 01, 2003
The name commonly given to an individual who is walking with their hood on.
Last night, me 'n my brothas waz bendin'corners in da hood when we seen these hoodlums in da dark, wit dem hoods coverning their faces.
by lil' G-unit October 04, 2006

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