a female who has sex with every person in one or many hoods which can be a gang or neighborhood.
“aye yu know she had sex with all crip dudes ?”
“really i heard she did everybody from boyle heights too”
“damn she a hoodie”
by shannon xavier August 26, 2009
a term - to perform oral sex on a male who is uncircumsized
man that girl gave me such good hoodie, she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose!
by frank valente October 22, 2006
One who is hood.
If you epicly fail you are a hoodie.
by ul1m1tedgu1tar January 29, 2009
someone thats a slut and drsses skanky , will sleep with anyone
that girl is such a hoodie.
by urban daisy February 25, 2008
An article of clothing, very comfortable and practical. Also used by fat girls and fat guys to hide all that fucking fat, seriously. Almost every fat person I've meet that tries to act "sexy" wears a hoody to make themselves look more appealing. Maybe it's just me.

A nice pouch at the front that can be used to hide/keep several things, legal or not. Unlike sweaters and just about any other form of clothing for the winter, hoodies take less than 5 seconds to put on (same goes for women HOLY SHIT).

Many believe that your a poser/criminal if you wear one. Mind you, these are the same type of people who view everything stereotypically. Hoodie? Obviously you must be a poser gangsta wanna be or a criminal. You like how it looks? NO FUCKING WAY, theres no such thing as liking an article of clothing. It MUST be because your a poser.

(they label everything I tells yeah)

that's not to say it isn't actually worn by SOME posers.

"Not black? So all black people act a certain way? Please continue with your non stereotypical views"


by Shakezoola October 16, 2006
A term originated in a bathroom stall, oral sex performed by a woman/gay man to his/her partner.
"Dude, last night at the boardwalk I was with my girlfriend and her parents and I really wanted some rough head. I knew her parents would kick my ass if I asked so I told her I was cold and wanted to go buy a "hoodie" from one of the stores."
by DirtyDurbin April 14, 2009
(n.) derived from the English word "hood rat".
1. One that is a hoe fo sho.
2. The girl at the club who's jockin you & you take her back to the crib to rack her then kick her out on the streets when you done.
3. You's a hoodie if you bringing rubbers to the club right next to the birth control & tampoons.
Man, that hoodie told me I got her pregnant so I smacked the bitch up.
by UZAHOODIE September 27, 2007

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