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A skank from the hood that's messed with everyone in the same hood.
Yo that shorty is a hood booger
by Mulciber126 January 13, 2006
103 64
a skank from the ghetto, will usually give sexual favors in return for a small monitary amount (money for you idiots)or some material object
true story : my friend gets head from hoodboogers in return for 20$ boost mobile prepaid phone cards or if he buys them milk and or food for the hungry babies that the hoodbooger has at home.
by JohnnyBoy718 September 22, 2008
29 13
A term used to describe young, thug kids from areas where crime is stereotypically high.
While I was working, some hoodbooger was trying to steal a digital camera, but I caught him.
by indolentphil January 11, 2008
21 11
Another term for a hoodrat. Female classless, sneaker and fitted hat wearing chick who speaks with every slang in the book. Drives with a jacked up car with 4 of her hoodratties in the back, bumping reggae dancehall music. They spend their weekends at jams, drinking & smoking instead of taking care of their children. They love to start drama.
Guy 1: Yoo, did you see that chick?
Guy 2: Yeah, thats a hoodbooger. Stay away from those man.
Guy 1: Yeah, I know, i prefer me a classy bitch.
Guy 2: Same here.
by A non hoodbooger September 01, 2008
14 6
bitch who stands on the corner all day, and who will smoke weed for fuck.
"Did you see that bitch Laqueesha chillin on the corner yesterday?" "Yeah, that trick is a straight up hoodbooger."
by gingerboytellem January 27, 2010
7 5
someone who is childish, bitter, doesn't know how to carry themselves like an adult. Boogers: No one likes them & only kids pick their boogers. Be a adult not a child
He/She keeps talking shit about their ex & new partner. Like you childish HoodBooger grow up
by Queen of all Queens January 29, 2014
1 0
Person who shows ratchet, ghetto, and/or degenerate behaviors. Seems to be lacking home training.
Why is she being a hoodbooger at this predominantly white institution.
by Adamasnoelle December 22, 2013
1 0