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3 definitions by SophisticatedVanny

What Nicole Kidman does when she laughs.
I just honked while I was being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres and it was so embarassing!!
by SophisticatedVanny August 09, 2005
Where I just moved to from New York City. The worst place in the world. Dirty, boring, and ugly. I don't say Yo, or 'down the shore'. Where all the lazy people come from. Princeton is the only good thing that comes from New Joisee. Noisy and over-populated. Bad drivers. See: shit
A: I'm from NJ
B: Enough said. You suck.
by SophisticatedVanny August 09, 2005
A very rare, beautiful inspiring goddess-like actress. Tall and model-like, with golden locks and porcelain skin. Gives wonderful performances.
I wish I could be Nicole Kidman, because she's the best!!
by SophisticatedVanny August 09, 2005