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n. 1. An extra guest allowed on an invitation to a social event. 2. A woman/man picked up in a social setting by a man/woman with the sole intention of having a sexual rendezvous.
1. As was allowed in the invitation to the dinner party, he brought an attractive Plus-1. 2. Let's go somewhere else. I'm in search of tonight's Plus-1, and there aren't many prospects here.
by mattyku February 08, 2009
n. 1. Same as a Wet Willy, but not wet.
I wanted to give Jim a Wet Willy, but because we were stranded in the desert I was parched and had to settle for a Dry Daniel.
by mattyku June 30, 2011
A thong-like shape formed by a person's hand, which is then placed on another person's groin as a thong would be.
She was naked and cold, so I gave her a hong to provide both pleasure and warmth.
by mattyku March 01, 2011

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