A person who has an irrational fear and hatred of people with homosexual tendencies. Usually found in societies intolerant of human sexuality, especially those of the highly intolerant Abrahamic ones (christianity, Judaism, Islam), and people with repressed homosexual tendencies.
"She was harrassed at job by her homophobe colleagues because she was seen kissing with her partner"
by The Eternal Grunt February 03, 2004
An individual who possesses the fear of homosexuals.
Homophobe: Hey, did you hear that new Lady Gaga song, Born This Way? I think it should be called Born This Gay!

In the example above, a homophobe uses the word gay to insult a song that emphasizes how your sexual orientation doesn't make you a bad person.
by Quzu June 05, 2011
1Not entirely accurate phrase to describe people who hate gays
some better terms may be

average preteen male
most rebublicans are homophobes
by themanyouwishyouwere November 22, 2011
n. One who experiences an irrational reaction of panic, revulsion, fear or anger when confronted with the idea of homosexuality. This often manifests as an aggressive obsession to marginalize, deny, disenfranchise or denigrate gay/lesbian people, in the effort to distance one's self from the source of one's emotional distress. Homophobia is often thought to be rooted in an intense fear that one is also capable of experiencing unwanted homosexual attraction, or in unease over being confronted with one's own sexual doubt and insecurity.
A cultural environment that is tolerant of the homophobe leads to a civic environment that establishes a second-class status for gay and lesbian citizens.
by JK February 01, 2004
A Homophobe is someone who is on the Black & White spectrum of politics (Bigoted Extremist whether they’d like to think they are or not) and has a hatred of Gays and those whom support gays. Homophobe’s colloquial and rhetorical effect is often closer to that of ‘disagreement with homosexuality’ rather than it’s denotation meaning ‘Fear of Same or Repetition’.
They will often try to pass off baseless claims, such as the following, as a credible refutation:
-Gay relationships are immoral and violate the sacred institution. (While this is only true in 17th century Puritanical ‘scripture’ instead of the actual Hebrew Aramaic Scripture.) HURR DURR You’re only trying to demonize Christians, and most branches of Islam and Orthodox Judaism, while in fact the ‘why it’s immoral’ portion of our argument is void due to the fact that the denomination is based on the principal root of demonizing those who don’t conform to an obsolete belief system.
-It isn’t natural, although my argument betrays a considerable ignorance of behavior in the animal kingdom. The fact is that among the approximately 1500 animal species whose behavior has been extensively studied, homosexual behavior in animals has been described in at least 450 of those species. It runs the gamut, too, ranging from occasional displays of affection to life-long pair bonding including sex and even adopting and raising orphans, going so far as the rejection by force of potential heterosexual partners.
Republican: “HURR DURR My Opinions consist of generalizations and unsubstantiated mis-information. You demonize my opinion even though it is a normative analysis, and it’s base is of fallacies and benighted arguments.”
This republican is a Homophobe.
by thepervertamongmortalmen October 17, 2011
A slang word commonly used to label people whose religious and moral beliefs do not conform with popular views of homosexuality. The word implies that the person's opposition to homosexuality stems from ignorance and fear.
Supporter of Homosexuality: People who support the federal marriage amendment are just homophobes.
by Scott December 23, 2004
George W. Bush
"Hey, have you heard? Bush is gonna try to make sure that gay people can never get married legally, and he says he's doing it because gay marriage is a threat to marriages between straight people. That's crap--how can a couple of gay people getting married possibly interfere with me and my girlfriend's wedding plans? He's just doing it 'cause he's a homophobe."
by Rabid Caterpillar February 27, 2004
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