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When you whine about how being gay is a sin and people "choose" tto be gay.
Why is Bob such a homophobe!
by czbarn123 March 05, 2014
2 2
Someone who is afraid of people.

Pronounced Ho-mo-phobe not to be confused with Hom-o-phobe; meaning to be afraid or intolerant of homosexuals.
Dave does not go to parties as he is a homophobe.
by Server Socket June 30, 2013
2 3
A person repulsed by gay people, and yet deep down knows that he is really gay
Kenny Wang: "omg I hate gay people, by the way, have you seen the latest Brad Pitt movie, omg he's so cute!"
John Smith: "wow, what a homophobe."
by John Smith the 24th August 19, 2009
425 426
1. A closet homosexual in denial who persecutes other homosexuals to try and diminish their own insecurity.

2. A fundamentalist religious freak with a low IQ that thinks homosexuals are evil.

3. Any idiot who is afraid of gay people for no logical reason.
Being a homophobe will get you nowhere in life.
by Alpha79 August 26, 2013
2 4
One who fails to realize that homosexuals are completely normal and not perverted. Often the type of person to commit hate-crimes against homosexuals, but most often, just someone ignorant.
Person 1: I feel so empowered, I just came out to my parents.
Person 2: You're gay? FAGGOT!
Person 1: Why do you have to be such a fucking homophobe?
by person July 01, 2004
379 381
Typically a male that doesn't like gay people. However, many homophobes do like hot lesbian women. Which is pretty alright.
Person 1: "Gay people are fucking stupid"
Person 2: "Stop being a homophobe!"
Person 1: "What, are you some sort of rainbow police looking to ram your pistol into my ass?"

Person 2: "What if I am?! I'm gonna go tell my mother on you!"
Person 1: "Okay."
by Megaboner November 03, 2013
0 3
Losers who believe gay people are "bad" "gross" "evil" etc. because they don't know anything about gay people. They just believe the rumors they hear from their homophobic friends, family, etc. or stereotypes on T.V. Usually homophobes are gay in denial, so they take their self hatred out on other gays. Other phobes are just plain stubborn and unwilling to learn about homosexuality or even get to know somebody who is gay or bi.
Just look at the definition below me by "homophobe MC". All homophobes know how to do is name call.
by Chips & Salsa July 23, 2010
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