Although homework is generally thought to be negative by the large part of the student population, it actually does have benefits. The main thing that makes teachers go wrong with it is by over doing it. The reason for homework is to refresh and sustain the things that you learned in class. Reasonable for math: worksheet with 15-25 problems depending on level of difficulty. What teachers actually assign: 50 math problems that take an average of 4 minutes to calculate. If we had reasonable assignments, which we sometimes do, homework would not have the extreme negative connotations that it does.
In a perfect world:
Teacher: Alright kids, for your ninth grade English homework today read a chapter, and write a four sentence summary.
Kids: Ok! That should take about twenty minutes! Yay!

Teacher: Alright kids, for your ninth grade English homework today read five chapters, and give me a page on the representation of disestablishmentarianism in the novel.

by avadakedavra January 12, 2011
A really good excuse to dream about bombing your school
Bob:Wanna watch a movie?
Tim:I wish,I have homework.
by AA12Fan February 08, 2015
Completely unnecessary bullshit that teachers give to students when they decide to extend their sadistic, heartless torment to after school hours.
Causes immense frustration, diminished social life, and severe lack of joy in large doses.
I would rather be dismembered than do homework.
by Atheistzilla September 29, 2014
Mound of

Wasteful and
Person 1: I have homework.

Person 2: Good luck developing a personality and social life!
by ExtraMustard September 29, 2014
Pointless, meaningless, boring work that is assigned to children in grades K-12 to do at home. It has ruined my life. Fuck you, Mr. Mathclass.
My backpack had so much homework in it that the straps ripped, the bottom fell out, and my back is permanently bent.
by Fry799 February 03, 2014
a assignment you normally get from school. it is very boring and many students dont want to do it but, they must push through it.
"i really dont want to get homework today"
"last nights homework was so hard"
by rosiedog1! December 11, 2013
Teachers fucking "amazing" idea of making us work so we don't forget what we learned. Yah well 99% I don't remember what we learn no matter how much fucking homework we get.
Yah like we work of 7 fucking hours but obviously thats not enough. FUCK HOMEWORK!!
by spencer hastings December 01, 2013
This horrible thing that emerged from the pits of Satan that is only created to make sure that you feel like you're in school 24/7 because your teachers hate you. You spend all day in school and come home to do homework. You only get a break for dinner because mommy made chicken and chicken is yummy and you go to bed at midnight even though you're really tired. Homework is for people with futures. Not people who spend their time looking up "homework" on UrbanDictionary. Go bake some cookies and watch America's Next Top Model cause you deserve it honey.
She spent all night on her homework.

The only class that didn't give her homework was the Art of Twerking.
by SheTwerksAllDay October 16, 2013

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