Although homework is generally thought to be negative by the large part of the student population, it actually does have benefits. The main thing that makes teachers go wrong with it is by over doing it. The reason for homework is to refresh and sustain the things that you learned in class. Reasonable for math: worksheet with 15-25 problems depending on level of difficulty. What teachers actually assign: 50 math problems that take an average of 4 minutes to calculate. If we had reasonable assignments, which we sometimes do, homework would not have the extreme negative connotations that it does.
In a perfect world:
Teacher: Alright kids, for your ninth grade English homework today read a chapter, and write a four sentence summary.
Kids: Ok! That should take about twenty minutes! Yay!

Teacher: Alright kids, for your ninth grade English homework today read five chapters, and give me a page on the representation of disestablishmentarianism in the novel.

by avadakedavra January 12, 2011
Homework is a necessary part of school. It is most commonly whined about by retards who made most of the other homework definitions. What most people fail to understand is that if you were to sit in a quiet room, with no distractions, you will finish your homework in about an hour. Projects only take 10-20 minutes a day if you start the day it's assigned and finish the day before it's due. So overall, if you had a test, an assload of homework, and a project all due tomorrow, the most it should take you is 3 hours, with breaks. On normal days, about an hour and a half on your homework. Thats 6 1/2 hours at school, and 1 1/2 hours at home caring about your education. On average you need 8 hours of sleep. So no need to stay up late doing homework and wake up tired, you will recieve the correct amount of sleep. Thats 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of school-related crap, and 7 hours (considering you wake up and hour before school) to do whatever the fuck you want. I dont care what you do with those 7 hours, but its 7 fucking hours. Homework is not a pain in the ass. There is 7 hours of free time for you, and a good night's sleep. The point is, if you do your homework when you get home, and do it efficiently, you'll get good grades and have plenty of free time. And if you have an abnormally large amount of homework, have 5 hours of free time. Stop bitching, do your homework, its not that bad.
slacker: Fuck the teacher, 2 pages of math homework? I have shit to do.
intelligent teenager: It'll take like 10 minutes if you actually try, stfu.
by CHAchooCHA August 18, 2011
This horrible thing that emerged from the pits of Satan that is only created to make sure that you feel like you're in school 24/7 because your teachers hate you. You spend all day in school and come home to do homework. You only get a break for dinner because mommy made chicken and chicken is yummy and you go to bed at midnight even though you're really tired. Homework is for people with futures. Not people who spend their time looking up "homework" on UrbanDictionary. Go bake some cookies and watch America's Next Top Model cause you deserve it honey.
She spent all night on her homework.

The only class that didn't give her homework was the Art of Twerking.
by SheTwerksAllDay October 16, 2013
To hook up with someone and do sexual activities
Lets do Homework after school.
Homework was SO hard last night!
It look me so long to finish homework
by 2418's August 30, 2011
Code word referring to alcohol in lands where alcohol is not to be possessed/consumed.
RA: What's in the backpack?
Oh just some homework.

Let's go on a homework run to gear up for tonight.
by Tyler "Tyler Lomborg" Lemburg November 03, 2008
An unnecessary pluralization of "homework" used carelessly and with poor taste.
"Did y'all do your homeworks?"
by Dan Copulsky July 31, 2006
Forced Downloadable Content from school.
Mission: School day complete! Congratulations, you have fini-
Homework worksheet number 10
by blah-asdf January 06, 2013
A term used by bros to bring attention to a highly unattractive ass in the vicinity whose owner is in hearing range. The term is generally simply shouted in a one-word sentence.
*Unattractive girl walks by*


*Bro 2's attention is brought to the unattractive girl*

Bro 2: AUGHH!
by Lolsonmyballz July 05, 2011

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