Worthless shit is another word for this. In case you're a fucking idiot, homework is paperwork, projects, and research given to students after school. So we suffer through 7 hours of hell (School), And then we have to do 3 hours or something worth of homework given to us by bitch ass teachers. The time after school is supposed to be for FUN AND RELAXATION! In 7 hours we've already learned all we need to for one day. Infact, I haven't learned SHIT from doing homework. It's stuff I already know so it's useless! Do those cunt licking teachers even know people have lives outside of school? And those fuckers even give homework on WEEKENDS. WHAT THE FUCK!! Homework makes you so stressed out. I'm sure if homework was taken away almost every kid would do better in school. Also, some teachers think they can give extra homework for their one class and act like it's not alot, but guess what shit suckers?? We have homework for fucking 7-8 other classes too!! And then they yell at you if you forget to do it and say "WHY DIDNT YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK YOU HAD PLENTY OF TIME!!!111!" Ummm.. No we don't bitch because we get a ton of other homework that takes all fucking night to do!
I'm not doing my homework because it's worthless shit.
by PissAnt October 07, 2013
work that teachers give so that you cant be fucking your bedbuddy, because your parents will ground you during the weekend
do you want to fuck in my car on saturday

no i cant im grounded for getting an f on my english homework
by tnemyole September 02, 2012
The bastard son of your teacher's self-important mindset and sadistic desire to cause every pupil's life to be as hollow and empty as theirs.
I make $10 an hour, generally work harder than an office worker, no one thinks my bullshit opinions are important, and I love insuring that students don't spend their youth enjoying free time like I should have, is there possibly a way to channel all these emotions and frustrations? INDEED! -Teacher assigning homework
by Retarded straight-A student October 24, 2010
a fucked up way to waste your time
by Anonymous November 11, 2002
a assignment you normally get from school. it is very boring and many students dont want to do it but, they must push through it.
"i really dont want to get homework today"
"last nights homework was so hard"
by rosiedog1! December 11, 2013
Teachers fucking "amazing" idea of making us work so we don't forget what we learned. Yah well 99% I don't remember what we learn no matter how much fucking homework we get.
Yah like we work of 7 fucking hours but obviously thats not enough. FUCK HOMEWORK!!
by spencer hastings December 01, 2013
I wish you were homework so I could lay you on that desk and do ya(;
Desk, homework
by HahahahahHehe September 16, 2011

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