Some shit where you're supposed to do 164 pages in 2 days and it's better to just give up and not go to school
I have homework. Someone kill me now
by thisismypseudonymm April 18, 2015
im not correcting this if it is incorrect

do the work later at home. Teachers basically saying to "do it later."-procrastinate.

use complete sentences or I'll call your parent and parent teacher conference!
list 5 reasons why you should NEVER swim alone.

to many sharks


not enough metal objects in the water

too many dead bodies that have already died

not enough water
by Motherfucker idc February 22, 2015
just. no. Nobody has time for that useless crap. Not helpful. Not learning anything. The stress on the brains of doing homework after 7-10 hours of crap makes us more likely to suffer from memory loss in the future. Stress causes memory loss idiots! Thats why old people have bad memory. How the fuck has nobody done anything about this? We are all going to be stupider than fish if nobody does anything about this. I used to be so smart when I diddnt do my homework. But guess what mother fucker? My IQ dropped 10 points. 10 POINTS. You know why? I did my homework to much.
"Hey wanna help me call 911? I was shot and I'm bleeding out."

"Hey man. Im really sorry, but, I have to do my homework."

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! You finish your homework" (dies)
by Motherfucker idc February 22, 2015
A thing that teachers say will help you in the future because they're too lazy to try and teach in an interesting and memorable way. The only way to solve the problem is to be in a good school (like a democratic one), but good schools are rare.
Most teachers can't teach very well, so they give out homework
by SpasticMicrophone October 31, 2014
The worst thing ever. We spend 7 or more hours every weekday for at least 9 months out of the year at school (See School) It's like these assrammers we have for teachers can't accept torturing us for 7 hours every day. They have to send shit home with us. Homework is easy to procrastinate, when we do that homework we get stressed out. Then we don't get it done or do it 5 minutes before it's due in and fuck it up. And if we stay up until 4 a.m. working on it, it'll be one of the few days our cunt ass teachers give us an extension or doesn't check it. But if we half ass that shit, don't have time, wrote it down wrong, lost it, or just don't fucking give half a shit those assrammers will check fucking check that shit. Don't get me fucking started on what happens when we don't do our meaningless homework. We get humiliated & a bad grade. Homework prevents us from having a life and enjoying ourselves after school. It's used to try to force us to conform to the government's mold of an average citizen working a bullshit 9-5 cubicle job and contributing to the economy. Homework takes free time we have away. Some teachers give us assloads of this anal discharge called homework & some teachers give almost none. Typically we will have lots of homework which increases every year. All in all homework and school suck dick and they're used to condition us into the cookie cutter idea of a person the government has in mind and to force us from becoming individual and thinking for ourselves.
Friend: Hey can you come over and hangout today?
Me: No, these cumsluts gave me a huge steaming load of homework today.

Parents: Can you go see your dying grandparents in the hospital?
Me: No I have too much fucking jizz tryna be shoved down my throat by these fucktard assrammers employed by the government to socially condition me fall into line with the government's idea of a life for me.
by chelseasmile September 02, 2014
something that slowly kills you from the inside out. Homework causes stress in the youth stress makes you prone to illness which will cause a child to miss school and get more homework that will bring on more stress and so on intill that child gets depression and dies.
"you look dead today"
"yea i did my homework"


"you look depressed today"
"yea i had tons of homework"
by Kavie_475 March 22, 2014
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