shit the teachers give you to complete at home since it's not enough for them to torture you at school for like most of the day almost every five days a week. THEY say it's for shit like 'practice with what you’ve learned in the classroom' or that it ' helps you to gain and retain more knowledge than would be possible with only classroom work.'. honestly this shit should really be optional, since during MY life experience so far homework has done jack shit for the most part. also they REALLY like giving big ones for you do do over the fucking HOLIDAYS/VACTATION, one problem THERE being that most of the teachers don't seem to give two fucks what homework you've already been set by other teachers, so you end up with a TON of annoying homework shit that takes ages to do
'here's your homework, it's due in tomorrow'
by 5magmacubes December 24, 2015
Fucking hell
Dude, I had like 3 hours of homework last night.

That's all?
by Brutemold31 November 25, 2015
The ultimate torchure tool that these hooligans called teachers use to punish you for working on the same exact crap for 7 hours, and ask you to turn it in the next day just to give you some of the save freaking material.
Whoa! What're you doing?
Oh, this bully gave me his homework..
*Gasp* Derrek?
No, Mr.Peterson!
by 1337 5H4D0W October 26, 2015
which also keeps students up untill four AM which gives them even less energy

The actual mother of nightmares
Homework was literally invented as a punishment for students who misbehave
by Wubbie June 27, 2015
Some shit where you're supposed to do 164 pages in 2 days and it's better to just give up and not go to school
I have homework. Someone kill me now
by thisismypseudonymm April 18, 2015
Homework is a piece of shit
by Sad procrastinating student April 13, 2015
im not correcting this if it is incorrect

do the work later at home. Teachers basically saying to "do it later."-procrastinate.

use complete sentences or I'll call your parent and parent teacher conference!
list 5 reasons why you should NEVER swim alone.

to many sharks


not enough metal objects in the water

too many dead bodies that have already died

not enough water
by Motherfucker idc February 22, 2015

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