A diversion that the teatchers use to make sure kids are really who they say they are. They place the tinyest camera where you put your name so they know if the dog really ate your homework.
Honest Mrs. carrot! I did my homework and it flew out the window. Honest!
To go and smoke some weed.
I just got done with my homework.
I skipped class to do homework.
I love doing homework.
by Greg Harrison October 24, 2005
a tool used for remembering what you learned in school so you dont forget the last days lesson . So basically review.

This way the hardworking kids who did their homework are weeded out from the lazy "cool" ones cause to pass a class you need to have an understanding of what the subject material is all about .

Experts recommend ten minutes per per grade ie. a grade 9 would get 90min a grade 10 would get 100 min and so on.This beats having five hours a day but sadly most schools dont follow this rule. Homework was aboloished than brought back because the USA wanted to stay ahead in the Cold War .

those people that think it is useless should read their facts. If you want to get some thing you gotta work hard for it and that includes homework.
by Culture Shock July 25, 2007
1. v. the act of chatting with hot online babes
"mom! i'm doing homework!"
by collegegraduate! May 10, 2007
An act of self pleasure. Often with pornography
Drew: Done much homework lately

Riley: No, As i have no penis
by Drewbourgeois January 04, 2007
The thing that chumps complain about because they want to play video games instead. It never really takes that long to do, but idiots let it pile up until the last minute then whine about how their free thought is suppressed by it, or some crap. The idiots then come up with a shitty excuse for why they didn't do it. The excuse is totally lame because the idiot's brain was fried by the sudden need to think.
Bob: "Dude, man, let me copy your homework for math that's due today."

Jim: "I don't even take the same class as you."

Bob: "Really? You were in a dream I was having in that class yesterday."

Jim: "You're retarded."
by Lazy People October 03, 2009
work that you do at home
Jordyn sucks at doing her homework.
by faggot ass November 18, 2003

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