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What you tell your mum your going to do when you go round your friends house.
"I'm going round Annas to do my homework Mum!" -Laughs Evily-
by Helen August 29, 2003
Homework, something that the teacher gave you to spoil your fun when you're at home
Solution; did the homework at school library and handed in the next morning.

Problem solved;
by Saints September 15, 2003
A form of punishment that teachers give to there students because they are too bored to do an in class assignment!
My teachers are so mean, they gave me all this homework!
by Roger March 10, 2005
Fuckn baddest shit that can happen to you.You go to school for fucken 6 hours then they give you work to do at home. I say fuck homework and fuck the stupid cunt teachers that give it to you.
Ben:Fuckn got homework again lad
Tommo:fuck that shit im not doing it miss doyle can shove it up her arse hole,
by Darren Thomson April 29, 2005
A form of child and teen torture in which they find out they cannot relax after a hard day's work at school, as they have to finish the 3,000 word English essay which is due in for the next day.
Kid *at graduation*: Foul beasts of the world, begone for all eternity! *throws homework book onto bonfire*
by DudeWho'sJustABitNuts October 15, 2006
The work that is given to you after many laborous and tormenting hours at a place where the work should originally be done called "school". Such work is given for three reasons: "to keep kids off drugs", to desensitize children and get them used to doing things they really don't want to do, to do the teaching that the people paid to do it in the first place can't or refuse to actually do.
Everyone loves a good homework assignment, don't they?
by Docta J September 26, 2005
Something you should do but never do, becauser you have way to much and you have 10000000 better things to do
Homework isn't impotant, It's only a waste of time
by Me June 09, 2004
Things teachers give so that you dont have any time on the computer, with friends, and playing. Usualy come after 8 hours of sitting and working.
I came to sit and do my homework
by KnowitallS December 14, 2004