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A member of an organization that is miserably misunderstood. In the boyscouts most of the boys spend their time playing with knives, fire,and guns. Most people say they are wimpy nerds when in fact most of them are experts with knives and could kill you from fifty feet with a spoon. On camping trips they play knife games and try to set everything they can on fire. Boy scouts do not learn good values and how to eat bugs they become experts with dangerous weapons.
Average guy: Hey look it's a wimpy little boyscout hahaha.
Boy Scout:...
Average guy: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!(lying on ground with 6 knives in his chest, all of his fingers removed, set on fire, and three tomahawks in his stomach).
by superninjapenguin February 11, 2007
Let me tell you why teachers must give homework. They must give homework because in order survive, they have to know that they are causing someone to suffer at all times. If they lose this reassuring bit of knowledge they become very paranoid and cannot sleep. Thus if they don't give homework they cannot cause more suffering the next day due to lack of sleep, and the meaning in their life is lost. Why must they hurt people all the time you ask? because they realize they are failures as people. They wanted to be movie stars and millionaires but then they became a teacher. Because of this they have to hurt others in order to try and fulfill their shallow meaningless existence. bottom line: they have to hurt others at all times because they are angry so they give homework.
(9:00 pm)

Teacher: Oh my God! I forgot to give homework! That means that those students might be doing something fun right now (gasp!) or even worse, THEY COULD BE DOING SOMETHING WORTHWHILE WITH THEIR TIME!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
by superninjapenguin March 03, 2007
A death metal band that surprisingly actually has talent. Unlike many death metal bands, they are not just hitting the instruments on the ground. If you listen to them you will hear a very technical, very heavy band. Take my advice, forget what everyone says about death metal being a "no talent genre" and buy a Heaven Shall Burn album and sit back and listen to the very complex guitars and pounding drum beats.
Heaven Shall Burn is awesome
by superninjapenguin February 25, 2007
1. The man who carried out the oklahoma state federal building bombings on April 19,1995 claiming 168 lives.
2. A person who is not that stable and has a huge amount of weapons and explosives and who is racist, very rare but definitely out there.
1. timothy opened our eyes to the fact that not every terrorist is foreign
2. "Man that guy is a total timothy mcveigh better stay away from him"
by superninjapenguin February 11, 2007
Someone who, in light of recent events has been looked upon as a kiddie molester when in fact that is just a bunch of shit spread by powerful media. The fact is that INCIDENTS OF CHILD MOLESTATION HAPPEN MORE IN OTHER CHURCHES!!!!!!!! It's true, Protestant, Presbytarian, Lutheran, and yes even Mormon religious leaders have been found to do it a ton more than any Catholic priest, but the media has made it look like it happens every day in the Catholic church just because it has more political pull in the world. If you believe that all Catholic priests are pedophiles then you are an ignorant dumbfuck that shouldn't believe everything that you see on South Park
Lutheran:Yep all Catholic priests are pedophiles it,s been proven by the media.

Catholic: are you a fucking idiot or what it happens more in the lutheran church than in the catholic church.

Lutheran: no lutherans don't do that.

Catholic: Oh yeah, then that's why there are twice as many police reports for other churches than the Catholic church?

Lutheran: uuuhh but I thought it only happened in the catholic church.

Catholic: nope that's just what the media makes it seem like.
by superninjapenguin February 25, 2007
The single biggest travesty the world has ever seen. Most of the flaws lie in the police stations, full of corrupt officers that became cops because they got beat up in school or they wanted to feel special. They ultimately do more harm than good making plenty of stupid and unnecessary arrests that are based on "facts" that are mostly made up. Often have some bias involved. Then it all gets passed through the courts which aren't much better. Most judges see how bullshit the entire case is and want to dismiss it, but they have to cover the dumbfuck cop's ass so they proceed as thought the case were valid. In the end, a mostly innocent person gets a punishment they didn't deserve and the cop keeps collecting a paycheck they don't deserve. It has ruined countless lives because of bullshit charges.
An example of the U.S. Judicial System in action, The following is a true story.
One day at a Jefferson county middle school a fairly large boy tried to joke around with another one by acting as though he were to sit on him. The puny little boy had some serious anger issues and started kicking the larger boy in the stomach as hard as he could. When he finally stopped the larger boy sat down next to the smaller boy. a few minutes later, for no reason the small boy started kicking him again. This happened several times until class let out. when the larger boy stood up he was in a lot of pain and kicked the smaller boy once. Then the small boy shoved him and it wsas the final straw the large boy shoved him once and he flew across the room. The school called the police and after a few interviews with the amazingly bad cop manipulating everything said guess who was charged with what? It was the larger boy, who took a considerable beating and only struck the other boy twice. He was charged with THIRD DEGREE ASSAULT FOR SHOVING SOMEONE ONE IN SELF-DEFENSE. I think this proves how bad the judicial system is.
by superninjapenguin February 27, 2007
I am tired of everyone bitching and arguing about what color Jesus was. HE WAS NOT BLACK OR WHITE HE WAS MIDDLE EASTERN!!!!!!!! By the way middle eastern people are more closely related to white people so stop being asswipes! HE WASN'T BLACK
I am damn tired of people telling me jesus was black, he was middle eastern.
by superninjapenguin March 01, 2007

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